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Earth's Largest Database of Historical Lottery Drawing Data

As mentioned in the Wall Street Journal
As mentioned in the Wall Street Journal

Lottery Data Subscription Service

Our exclusive Lottery Data Subscription Service gives you unlimited "one click access" to all of the data of our database, for as low at 11¢ per day!

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Database Journal

You can purchase a per diem dataset, of a one-day "snapshot" of our Lottery Drawing Database, consisting of hundreds of different lotteries from around the world. You can also purchase a monthly subscription at a 50% savings. Click here for more information.

Lottery Drawing Datasets

We offer a database of almost two million lottery drawings from over 800 lotteries from 100+ countries, states and provinces from around the world, with historical data going back to 1874.

We add value by customizing this data to almost 295,000 formats, per your specifications, for Amiga/Mac OS X/Linux/Unix, Macintosh and Windows clients.

To visit the Lottery Drawing Dataset page, click here.

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